Values & Principles

Our philosophy* is grounded in a set of values and principles and brought to bear through approaches we believe will produce desired outcomes for you and for VANRY.


The following values underpin who we are and what matters to us.

  • INTEGRITY. We are values and principle-based
  • RESPECT. We hold a deep regard for the well-being, autonomy and dignity of each person
  • LEARNING. We value learning, both our own and yours
  • CONTRIBUTION. Creation of benefit for people is essential
  • UTILITY. We abhor waste


Our values are brought forth in the following principles that guide our behavior. We

  • Seek a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with you
  • Embody and produce a productive mindset in our work with you
  • Coordinate accountabilities and actions in a manner that maximizes value and minimizes waste
  • Assess and build relationships together, to enable what we are jointly committed to producing
  • Provide transparent and real-time access to our evolving designs and plans
  • Collaborate with you to produce new interpretations of situations and new opportunities for action


Together our values and principles are applied in the general approaches we believe in and recommend, to generate desired results through our engagements. These include

  • Enabling people to produce optimal and reliable results through sustaining sufficient relationships and carefully coordinating their actions and accountabilities
  • Responding to personal considerations with dignity which builds relationships in business
  • Growing and leveraging capability to build sufficient relationships and coordinate actions
  • Ensuring learning is marked by embodying new behaviours that are developed through focused practice over extended periods of time
  • Generating new sustained results in organizations by creating new sustained practices with people in those organizations; which in turn require new sustained attitudes and capabilities in those people
  • Opening significant breakthroughs, insights and capability by addressing cognitive ‘blindnesses,’ where people are unaware of practices and assumptions that inhibit their performance and results

*A useful definition of “philosophy” is: A theory or attitude held by a person or an organization that acts as a guiding principle for behavior. New Oxford American Dictionary.