Client Work

The following highlight some of our recent engagements. We maintain a full library of profiles of our previous engagements that outline the scope and nature of the work as well as the results produced for the client.

  • Five-year engagement, coaching several executives leading a company-wide competitive readiness initiative as this utility industry monopoly transformed itself from a bureaucracy into a more flexible, customer-centered and business-focused enterprise
  • Coaching of executives in a multinational information technology company as they integrated local, national and international resources over a two-year period
  • Six-month engagement to assist the Senior Vice-President of a large Canadian oil and gas production company to develop a high-performance management team capable of executing an aggressive growth strategy
  • Year-long engagement coaching an energy company Operating Vice-President and his team to develop new planning practices to mesh the business’s strategic objectives with its day-to-day operations
  • Strategic counsel to the COO and a Senior Vice President of one of Canada’s largest utilities over a six-year period, supporting the team in strategy development, execution and leadership effectiveness
  • A multi-year engagement with the CEO and President of a large construction firm to design, implement and monitor a long-term leadership development program
  • Strategic counsel to the CEOs of multiple green technology startup companies to strengthen their ability to build and align their teams around their strategic objectives and build relationships with their customers and key investors
  • Ongoing engagement to provide periodic strategic counsel to the CEO and senior leadership of a large  Foundation. Over the years we’ve helped them design, implement and lead strategic plans for significant growth in the range, scope and scale of the organization and the services it offers.
  • Ongoing strategic business development, regulatory and stakeholder engagement support for the senior executive and their sales organization in an innovative technology company.