Coaching for Results

Our consultants are experienced in performance coaching with leaders to develop their skills and capacity in order to achieve organizational outcomes. As the key resource for an organization, we can effectively introduce and coach competence by senior leadership executives and teams in the foundational skills of building effective relationships and achieving reliable organizational results.

VANRY follows specific and incisive processes for the development of leaders. Our deep leadership experience and expertise in our core approach distinguish our offer as being not another new leadership approach, but as an exciting and effective opportunity to grow and contribute to what really matters.

Coaching for Results

This work involves pre- and post-assessments, outcome-based development plans, creation and presentation of customized learning materials; and one-to-one coaching, both in person and at distance (using web-based technologies).

We design and facilitate senior leadership team workshops and offsite sessions to strengthen team relationships, improve processes and strengthen effective meeting practices.

Inherent in our leadership coaching approach

Each engagement is customized to suit a client’s leadership organization and challenge but inherent in our approach are the following:

  • Ensuring a powerful match between the organization’s values, culture, commitments, processes and the individual(s)
  • A focus on real outcomes that align and contribute to the organization’s objectives and the individual’s highest aspirations
  • Creating a new interpretation and awareness of the existing state with the individual
  • Opening a new choice with the individual to tackle challenges requiring leadership growth, risk, rewards and urgency
  • Creating a network of support, new distinctions, quality feedback and targeted assistance to optimize learning, application of strengths and results
  • Celebrating, recognizing and capturing the gains from the development, to strengthen both the individual and the organization