How We Engage

practices you can count on…


The primary intent of each engagement with you is to increase your value, capital, and reduce waste, in a specific domain, which we identify with you as we form the engagement. At the same time, we also intend to:

  • Increase the depth of the relationship you have with VANRY
  • Produce a coherent view of future opportunities you share with VANRY
  • Produce corresponding appropriate value and capital for VANRY

Engagement Steps

We have found the following steps to be effective in producing these results.

  • DIAGNOSIS — We start by really listening to what matters most to you. By bringing our own experience to the conversation we help you see new opportunities to improve your results.
  • READINESS — We then help you create feasible options, select one or more objectives, and to construct a plan of action that is both practical and worthwhile. We help you to identify the time and resources that will be required to produce the desired results, and to create a measurement process that will provide feedback on your progress to your objectives.
  • AGREEMENT — We ensure that we have a set of clear and complete mutual commitments to the results that we will collaborate to produce, and the compensation we will receive.
  • EXECUTION — We help you mobilize resources and manage the network of commitments that will produce the agreed results. We assist in assessing your progress and making any required course corrections.
  • ASSESSMENT — We check actual results against those agreed, and identify changes in value, capital and waste that have occurred. We help identify new opportunities that have emerged through the work done so far.

Our ability to work effectively with you is determined by the sufficiency of our relationship with you, so we invest early and significantly in building trust and alignment with you.

Underpinning all of this are the values, principles and strategies that inform how we care for you and your success.