Stakeholder Engagement

We begin with the principle that engaging any individual or group, as part of any effort, is to develop and strengthen relationships through transparency and clarity, ultimately bringing greater trust among the parties.

Effective Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholders must believe they’ve been heard and that an organization will continue to listen to and reflect on their concerns.  We foster productive conversations related to any matter and provide counsel to our clients to better reflect and respond to the input provided to them throughout the process.

Core to our approach is acting as third-party facilitators of meetings with stakeholders of all backgrounds and experiences, whether through in-person or virtual settings.  We believe everyone benefits from an objective facilitator who can ask questions, guide the discussion, and ensure that meetings produce a common set of understandings.  In facilitating meetings, we couple subject matter knowledge with relationship expertise to ensure comments and discussions remain focused, fair, and reasonable for all concerned.

We bring deep experience in all facets of utility, construction, development and technology organizations.  Client assignments range from providing executive counsel to engagement planning and facilitation of meetings and public reporting.  We specialize in stakeholder-sensitive projects involving utility resource planning, plant and facility closures, performance collaboratives, and environmental planning and mitigation.  This work often involves navigating complicated situations where clients are faced with regulatory restrictions and contentious historical stakeholder relationships