Leadership Development

We often work with client organizations to build and strengthen their internal competencies for developing leadership capabilities. We approach this through a structured learning program or by working with a subset of leaders who then lead by example.

Leadership Development

We work collaboratively with clients to develop a multi-month, high-touch, initiative for leadership competency learning. Employees experience breakthroughs in the closing of historically wide gaps between executives and front-line leaders. These types of efforts produce observable, measurable differences in the understanding of a new culture and the ability of leaders to coach and sustain these practices.

The process involves design conversations of strategy, tactics and skill building between senior executives and directors, managers and first line supervisors. Specific objectives of the Leadership Academy are to build the competencies required to effect cultural change, enabling a shift in the thinking and feeling of participants and eventually impact positive and productive change in work groups.

Working with leaders and their teams, we use a common set of underlying distinctions, tailored to each organizational situation. Leaders shift their organizations beyond ‘compliance programs’ to organizations that take pride in and count on consistent delivery of reliable, responsible and compassionate service.

Developing High Performing Leaders

As an alternative to a Leadership Academy we are often asked to work with a select group of high performers, or a specific demographic of new leaders in key areas. This approach establishes a group of strong leaders, embedded within the organization who’s focus is to lead by example and in so doing introduce their learning and competencies back into the organization.