Leading Change

The following table provides a high level summary of many of the offers in the domain of Leading Change. While this is not intended to be a complete listing, it does speak to the range of work that we do with our clients in Leading Change.

Nature of Offer

Description – Typical Results

1 | Executive Coaching
This is really more a process than a result.  Inside the time spent, monthly specific results are established relevant to the Executive.  This offer often is done in parallel to or after other offers have been completed, e.g. leadership development.
Content might include:
– look together at missing declarations
– offering expertise with respect to possible new actions to take in Leading Change
– follow-through work on leadership development work done previously
2 | Diagnosis of the current state of relationships and interactions
This result of this offer is a diagnosis of the current condition of relationships among a specified group, (e.g. the leadership team) as well as their current state, in producing value/waste-reduction in their interactions. The approach uses interviews and observations and applying distinctions within our methodology. An additional result is a plan to close the gaps for any significant waste being produced. This might look at 30-40 people over a period of 6-8 weeks.
3 |  Capability development in ‘Foundations to Leading Change’
This offer is the springboard that enables several of the others such as alignment and leadership development. The result of this offer is that participants will increase their capabilities in ‘strengthening relationships’ and ‘coordinating action more effectively’, as well as being able to identify waste and take action to reduce it in their day-to-day work.  This is a capability development offer that results in the knowledge transfer of critical skills and distinctions to your organization for ongoing future use by you. This offer scope is dependent on the number of people and the depth of new embodiment desired. The duration is 20 weeks or can be stretched to 40 weeks.
4 | Clarity on the Vision / Mission
The result is that the Executive (or team) has a clear picture of the future and key strategies to support that future. Our approach in this area is to be a thought partner with the Executive(s) and provide expertise from both inside and outside the industry about what’s working or not working.  The duration is usually over several months.
5 | Alignment of the Leadership team with the Vision / Mission / Business Strategies
Once the Vision/Mission is clear, this type of offer delivers the result that the Leadership team is ‘aligned’ with what has been produced. Included in this work there is often some competency development in the area of ‘alignment’ required for individuals and the executives as a team. For those not aligned, options for action are clear. These leadership teams are often 6 – 12 people and this work typically occurs over 3-5 months.
6 |  Producing alignment throughout the organization for the Vision / Mission
This result is that the community of people that comprise the organization are aligned with the Vision / Mission and have the ability to discern who is not and what action is possible and appropriate in such cases. Our approach also includes working with the Leadership team in the use of their ‘narrative’ about the Vision and how to engage in conversation with others throughout the organization. The scope of this varies widely depending on the total number of Leaders in the organization and this work occurs usually over 3-6 months.
7 |  Leadership Development
This offer requires first the ‘Foundations for Leading Change’ be completed. This result produces increased capabilities in a set of specified competencies related to Leadership in a Changing Environment. The participants will also be able to identify and take action on waste that was previously not noticed. The typical duration is 20 weeks and can be stretched to 40 weeks. A group of 8-12, learning together is optimum.
8 |  Process Redesign and Implementation
This result is that you have re-designed, specified and documented, key processes re-designed consistent with best practices. In addition, you have expert guidance on implementation plans and depending on scope, actual assistance in the implementation itself. The duration varies with the nature of the process, usually ranging 3-6 months.
9 |  Architecture and design of ‘change’ for the organization
The result is that you have a detailed plan for ‘change’ that is consistent with best thinking. This plan includes areas such as process, structure and most importantly the people in the organization. The successful implementation of such a plan is best built on the offers of capability development in Leading Change. The duration usually is from 2 – 6 months.