What We Offer

more value, less waste…

Working with us, you will experience breakthroughs by cultivating awareness of any cognitive ‘blindness’ in both behaviour and communication practices, for yourself and for your organization. You will develop new insights that in turn generate new possibilities for action. This provides you with a wider range of choices to respond to challenges and opportunities. This in turn, can lead to breakthroughs in performance and results.

You gain…

  • Insights to consider alternative possibilities and to see opportunities not observed by others;
  • An understanding, supported with learning material, of the deep structure of human interaction in the
  • workplace and across key stakeholder relationships;
  • New listening and behavioural practices, that often go well beyond past insights or experiences; and
  • Customized support to suit the requirements and unique aspects of your situation and corporate setting.

All of these serve to sharpen the distinctions and decision making for you and your organization, improving your ability to see and define strategies, operational improvements and to improve relationships for yourself and with critical stakeholders and decision makers. Offering more than tips and techniques, ours is not a standard toolkit.

Alternate Language and Approach

We believe that a key element of all our offers, and a matter of strategic value to you, is that our approach is designed to deliver results, not just to undertake activities. This means that we ensure we are clear about the outcomes you and your organization require. From there, we outline the activities and deliverables designed to produce those results; we plan and assist you in the implementation, we adjust and evolve any activities or deliverables as needed to produce the mutually agreed to results. This is done in collaboration with you, based on our mutual understanding of changing particulars.

The foundations of our approach are deeply rooted in current science relating to complex living systems, which any organization is, as well as in studies of language and effective human collaboration. We focus on the circumstance in which two or more people are producing results together, as is always the case in business transactions and processes.