Our consultants have held roles within or provided external counsel to major public and private companies in Canada and the US, as well as the Caribbean, the UK, EU, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

Our combined experience and backgrounds, and our skills in foundational leadership practices bring a unique blend of capabilities that distinguish us from traditional consulting firms offering business improvement services. Each of our consultants has stood in the client’s shoes and understands the challenges and limitations present with various corporate structures.

Vanry — Stewart Ramsay
Stewart Ramsay

An experienced utility and technology executive, Stewart is valued for his “start-up” and “turn around” capabilities. A frequent speaker at conferences, he is recognized for his perspectives on the shifts in industry strategic directions and the nexus of technology, processes, people, and culture. Coupled with his expertise in strategic planning, organizational effectiveness as well as asset and performance management, Stewart’s clients benefit from his key insights and counsel.

Dave Hawkins

Through his extensive experience as a leader and a consultant, Dave has developed a reputation for providing insightful counsel and coaching to senior executives. He specializes in improving organizational and leadership performance by helping people and teams develop high functioning relationships and coordination practices. He has led or supported major projects, programs, and partnerships in a range of sectors including oil and gas, utilities, not-for-profit and philanthropic.

Vanry — Dave Hawkins

Vanry — Tracey Lawrence
Tracey Lawrence

Tracey Lawrence is a Certified Organizational Coach who delivers leadership development programs with the underlying core belief that regardless of experience or background every individual can achieve sustained behavioral change through increased awareness and ongoing practice.  Productive relationships create value throughout an organization and a culture that embodies foundational leadership competencies can revive any company, producing well-functioning teams within a cohesive organization.  Tracey received her Certificate in Organizational Coaching from UBC and is accredited as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coaching Federation.

Yvette Smith

People and connectedness matter to Yvette and are evident in her coaching leaders or in how she supports the execution of transformational initiatives, customer experience effectiveness, and communication strategies. Yvette has had the opportunity to create or shape new ways of engaging, thinking, and working within organizations. Adept and recognized for breaking down boundaries to move initiatives forward, her collaborative approach is valued and has benefited clients for over 20 years.

Peter Claghorn

Peter Claghorn’s client engagement approach is founded on the idea that exceptional results are achieved through the thoughtful and collaborative co-design of core processes, structures, cultures, and, particularly, the relationships in which people work together. Peter consulted for 24 years, primarily in the utility and financial industries and for military and government organizations, assisting clients on five continents in increasing their capacity to grow and change.

Julius Pataky

A hands-on executive and consultant Julius brings a social leadership style combined with a keen analytic and creative thinking approach to his engagements. He has provided energy policy, strategy, and business transformation services to industry and government clients around the globe and is recognized for his ability to build and lead the development and implementation of innovative programs, gain organizational support, and stakeholder acceptance for strategic outcomes.

Mark Richards

Mark is a Certified Management Consultant specializing in leadership development, strategic planning, program/project management, organizational development, and service improvement working with senior executives and their teams. He has 30 years of business and IT leadership experience in utilities, oil and gas, construction, consulting, and international banking gained with leading organizations in Canada, the US, and the UK.

Eileen Kwan

Eileen has a keen interest in the relationships between people and organizations, supporting leaders and their teams with organizational strategies and solutions.  A skilled facilitator and experienced coach, she draws on many tools, models and bodies of knowledge in creating effective conversations that result in clear and accepted commitments. She is recognized by her clients as a creative, insightful, and incisive thinker with the ability to distill and simplify complex information. Eileen’s expertise spans non-profits and boards, partnership development, human and community services, human resources and capital asset planning.

Eileen Kwan

Ron Koper

Ron is a business leader with a track record of enabling people to apply foundational leadership competencies in business and community involvement. Specializing in human resource and organizational development, Ron brings a proven capacity to profitably integrate leadership development and business effectiveness practices into ongoing business operations. His contributions have enabled leaders to build businesses worth belonging to that profitably sustain value for all stakeholders.

Resham Ramsay

Resham is recognized for her capabilities in workflow and understands the importance of how components must work together for successful widespread initiatives and the critical nature of resilient relationships for effective collaborations.  She brings a keen and pragmatic sensibility to uncovering root issues and ensuring alignment amongst teams and systems, augmented by a thoughtful understanding of client engagements.  Prior to joining Vanry, Resham held roles in the medical device and healthcare industries, as well as higher education and community living.  She is experienced in compliance and quality systems engineering, new business integration, regulatory and stakeholder engagement, policy and program development, and auditing. 

Lynette DuJohn

A seasoned executive with experience in leadership, technology, engineering and project management in the aviation, gaming and construction industries, Lynette is known for building high-performance teams that deliver exceptional results using innovative approaches. She is uniquely able to bring together insights that help people navigate, lead, and manage the changing world of technology in business environments to fully leverage digital platforms and improve performance.  In addition to working with Vanry clients, she is VP Innovation and CIO at Vancouver International Airport Authority and leads the Innovation Hub @ YVR.